Fantastic Desk Pad Offer!
June 9, 2014
Going National!
November 8, 2014

Even in this digital age it seems some traditional methods are refusing to gve in to modern technology!

Those supposedly clever I.T. geeks who said everyone would be walking around with hand-held devices capable of filling in complex forms within a few years a decade or so ago got it wrong – or they got their timing wrong by a few years at least!

When they consigned NCR to it’s coffin they hadn’t really come up with a suitable alternative – and still haven’t it appears, because we have never printed so much of it!

We are currently processing 16 different ncr orders including delivery notes, invoices, purchase orders, vehicle checks, holiday forms, hire contracts…… you name it we’re printing it, all in various sizes and in 2 part, 3 part, 4 part, perforated, numbered, made into books, pads, sets…..

‘Write it once, get multiple copies’! It will save you so much time and is a lot less-expensive than you think!

So if you’re fed up writing everything twice or thrice or you’re getting nagged by your bookeeper or accountant because you haven’t got a copy of invoices or orders, come and see us and be our 17th ncr order this week!